I wanted to say thanks to you and your installation team. Our new heat pump is in and the house temperature is very comfortable. It has been a pleasure to work with your company, and I understand why other customers have recommended you highly. The installation group did a nice job setting up the new unit, clearing the old one away, and answering my questions. I appreciate their professionalism.

Kerry Saltmarsh

The system is AMAZING!!!! You were right about the ductwork and the system as a whole–you really can’t hear it at all! We’ve already recommended you several times over.

Stacey Taylor

I just got my KUB bill that I feel is most representative of a full month of A/C use. That sucker’s only $8 more than it was the month prior. I was really nervous I was going to see a huge jump going from nothing, to full A/C.


A good contractor provides quality products accompanied by quality service. Quality service includes keeping appointments, arriving on the job on time, calling if the schedule has to be altered, keeping the job site clean and acting in a professional manner. I just want to pass on that Compass Heating and Air has consistently met all these criteria since your first installation for me in 1987. In addition, I must tell you the crew that worked on the last installation in Norris deserve a full dose of praise. It does not go unnoticed when they come to work with a friendly and courteous attitude and show every evidence of caring about the quality of their work and finishing by asking if there is anything that we are unhappy with. I can’t tell you how impressive and appreciated it is.

Please pass on to everyone a great Thank You!

Jack Black